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 Welcome to connectCUNE, the portal of Concordia University, Nebraska.
   The connectCUNE portal provides a single point of access to
  • Communication tools
  • Information resources
  • Applications and services
   tailored to meet the needs of members of the CUNE community.
 Maintenance Schedule
Concordia University operates many interconnected systems to provide a variety of services to students, faculty, staff, and constituents. Occasionally some systems must be taken offline for maintenance, upgrades, testing or troubleshooting. While we attempt to minimize the impact of these maintenance periods they are a necessary part of operating complex systems that are always available.

Official notice of maintenance tasks will appear on this page. If the portal itself will be down we will try, if possible, to redirect references to this page to another site where the information will be available, along with links to other resources, like Blackboard and email.

The Maintenance Schedule has three components:

Sunday Morning
Every Sunday Morning from 5AM until Noon is a regularly scheduled maintenance window. Systems may go down with little or no warning. We will attempt to post a notice on this page by 10pm Saturday evening if we expect to use this maintenance window.


Occasionally we need to use weekend time for maintenance tasks. The weekend window extends from Friday evening at 6pm until Sunday evening at 6pm. We try to avoid Saturday afternoon and we try to be done by Sunday morning. Notice will be posted on this page by Thursday at 5pm if we intend to use this maintenance window.

Late Night

We do not use late-night on work-days for maintenance tasks unless the timing of the problem requires it. We will post a notice on this page as soon as we know we will need to use this maintenance window.

Note that if the portal is down (this page) we will attempt to redirect access to another page that displays current information and may allow access to other systems, including Blackboard and Email.

The current portal version is V4.2.1.125 build 125.
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